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February 28, 2021, 06:53:22 AM


MX Bikes beta15d available! :)

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I asked about the tracks before starting a major conversation with piboso purely to see if the tracks were here as I dont do MXB until now. I was gathering information thats all. I think I know that if anyone decided they wish to use GPB or MXB in public and commercially I would tell them THEY need to contact Piboso and would also talk to Piboso myself. I think if anyone between the forums supports and attempts to promote Piboso's sims it is myself. I always try to push his sims and I always have the utmost respect for Piboso if It comes to the point of someone wanting to use his products.

Sorry if that has never been clear enough.

I cant say much at the moment but I have been asked on their behalf to look into something for the 2020 MX/SX championships.

Ok............So guys I have to say thankyou, BUT, NBC SN needs a sim with high end graphics and not just the track, no disrespect Piboso it is about visuals for a major companies viewers. Unfortunately there is NO product that fulfils all of the criteria they require, but visuals for them is of utmost importance. Due to this I feel guilty having wasted your time, BUT they did look and think formost of using MXB, that says a lot to start with. Open GL and no background visuals play a big part in this. They do however recognise MXB as the first chioce if it was only to do with the physics and input/output for controllers and motion systems. So well done Piboso for at least having that status to  a major company.

Thanks to all for your help. I will put it to good use one way or another.

AH ok.............see I be a dumb ass lol

Thanks stevo

I am not an MX guy so have a lot to learn about track names etc lol

Heres the official list and info

Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Schedule

Hangtown May 18 - 9:00pm 
Hangtown Motocross Classic Rancho Cordova, CA

Pala May 25 - 9:00pm 
Fox Raceway at Pala Pala, CA

Thunder Valley June 1 - 8:00pm 
Thunder Valley Motocross Park Lakewood, CO

High Point June 15 - 6:00pm 
High Point Raceway Mt. Morris, PA

Florida June 22 - 6:00pm 
Hangtown May 18 - 9:00pm 

Southwick June 29 - 6:00pm 
The Wick 338 Southwick, MA

RedBud July 6 - 7:00pm 
RedBud MX Buchanan, MI

Spring Creek July 20 - 7:00pm 
Spring Creek MX Park Millville, MN

Washougal July 27 - 9:00pm 
Washougal MX Park Washougal, WA

Unadilla August 10 - 6:00pm 
Unadilla MX New Berlin, NY

Budds Creek August 17 - 6:00pm
Budds Creek Motocross Park Mechanicsville, MD

Ironman August 24 - 6:00pm 
Ironman Raceway Crawfordsville, IN

I cant see Budds Creek in my beta10c?

Got Unadila,Red Bud, Washougal, Southwick, High Point,

Is MXB Central no longer working? Any help is much appreciated

Thanks GDU. I will look for Hangtown its the first so helps

Hi Guys

I have been asked if all the tracks are available on MXB, I found Red Bud but no others.

First race is 18-05 at Hangtown

Any modders able to make these tracks?


Out of respect to Piboso I do not do any business on the forum.

For more info please contact me directly at doubledragoncc@yahoo.com


I am still thinking about selling just my MTE units to allow folks to build their own systems with less tech knowledge needed for connecting throttle and levers via cables.

Below is my MTE units for throttle front brake and clutch that you simply connect to any cable just making sure the cable free play is the right length(real simple).

These I mount on the bars backplate

And then make the cables using screw on nipples to get the right length.

All motorcycle parts for 22mm bars work as long as they have cables. I am working on hydraulic units too.

Then I print a custom cover

To make it look better

I use high quality heavy duty P260 Vishay potentiometers only.

These make building a system so much easier and the rear GSXR1000RR rear brake is bolted directly to the rearsets.


I will set up a server later to keep for MXB ok

Teeds, try the edTracker on your shoulder as it is the only place that gives the most motion of your body and NOT your head. You can adjust sensitivity to compensate for lack of movement I am sure.

I am just still looking for the right chip as most are under 5 volts an want it to be as cheap and simple as possible but still be reliable.

I guess it died before it really started. Due to the TERRIBLE quality in replay with bikes juddering and flickering so badly and hanging for ages that it was not a possibility to stream. I worked all week to try and get this working to no avail as the netcode would not play along with us lol.

Oh well guess we all wait in MXB for netcode too lol.

Sorry but I did try.

I have tried it but made no video yet. Here is an old video(sorry its not MXB) of my first attempt in MXGP using the old Hs1. Hs2 is far better.


I use buttons for rider lean, but have used thumbsticks on the bars too before. I am going for the gyro sensor on my body way in the future as it is more realistic to actually use your body.

I dont think teeds builds to sell and ship where as I do so I have kept the size of my systems down. His idea is great but bulky for shipping.

Thanks guys

Just want to make it the best l can for you and also advertise Piboso product

Dont mean to rude btw just GPB cams are always good for TV style and used to it.

I will need practice before the race bro lol