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January 15, 2021, 05:53:28 PM


MX Bikes beta15d available! :)

RM 125 & 250 Stock and OEM Pack

Started by 𝖙𝖋𝖈, March 19, 2017, 04:49:52 PM

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March 19, 2017, 04:49:52 PM Last Edit: May 21, 2017, 04:32:25 PM by TFC
Finally, had some time to sit down and finish this off.


Here we have the 2003 RM250 and 2003 RM125. This pack contains 4 bikes, the 125 and 250 stock, and the 125 and 250 OEM versions.

For the OEM versions you WILL NEED GEO's TYRES (DOWNLOAD)


A quick changelog from V1:

+ Better 1st person view
+ Increased overall width of bike
+ thickened swingarm
+ Increased rear shock spring segments
+ Fixed rear fender, now not as deep and fat and now narrows towards back slightly
+ New Renthal bars
+ Fixed norm bugs on levers, reshaped and rearranged lever angle and hoses and added covers
+ Fixed how the seat sits against the tank
+ Fixed seat height and overall shape
+ Fixed lots of shading and normal errors around the edges of plastics
+ Added a lip around the edge and up along the middle inside the rear number plates
+ Resized silencer to fit better in line with a 250 aftermarket
+ New rear silencer and pipe for 125 model

Massive thanks to Asdrael for all his work on the geometry and engine work for both the 125 and the 250. The bike is now so much fun compared to my crummy attempt at geometry and stealing the 250x engine from the MSM lol. It's very light and playful, and has enough grunt to go up against the other 2 strokes on offer.

-Spaced reserved for anything Asdrael wishes to add-

Also, huge thanks as I put in my original RM thread to those who helped me learn Blender, advised on modelling basics and later more advanced stuff, helped with texture issues, importing the model to MXB, testing, provided feedback, convinced me not to give up etc.. In no particular order:

Vortex Damien - Asdrael - RC4187 - Geofanatec - H106FRP - Pacopastor34 - GDUBMX

I will be passing the model over to H106FRP from the GPB forum for him to use as the base for a supermoto. I don't know if he plans on adding any accessories to the model or just leaving it as standard, but I will update the post here with whatever he and the modding team come up with as I'm sure it will be both GPB and MXB compatible.

I had some time to kill while Asdrael knocked up the geometry, so I made 3 new paints to be included (not perfect, but just for fun), the pack now comes with the following in addition to the stock paint:

Enjoy :)

Edit: Will upload a template for this soon.


Nice! Thanks for doing this and releasing it TFC.

Bike is awesome down to every little detail. Not only the model; the dirt map, the fit of all pieces together... /hats off. I love how it rides too but I am biased.

For anyone curious, for both 125 and 250 I proceeded like I normally do with Standard / OEM split. As for the values, they are all taken from the 2003 stock RM values. Only exceptions are the rear shock, which is 2004 (due to Suzuki changing to a geometry you can actually import in MXB) and the dyno which is taken from another year that had the same engine. Even the stock suspension setup is the one explained in the owner's manual.
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big big thanks for this release amazing bike :)


This is truly amazing, blown away as always fats :) the quality of everything you do is just brilliant mate. Love the makita one. Really impressed man. Great job Asdrael on your top notch modding mate as always. Great work guys!
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awesome man... The RM is the best bike ever. thanks you :)


Gotta say after playing with them for about 30 mins, these are my new favorites!! The 125 is so fun!! thanks again
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Quote from: GDUBMX on March 19, 2017, 09:28:53 PM
Gotta say after playing with them for about 30 mins, these are my new favorites!! The 125 is so fun!! thanks again

Playing offline? HERETIC


The RM250 on FTT powerslides like a mofo. Plus, the purple cougar skin is the tits.
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Do you think you release the psd of this model? Do you allow people to open files to create parts ands skins ? :)


Will release the template soon, but won't be releasing the .blend object sorry.


No problem for creating so many things I understand you guard the obj I just want the psd  :D sorry for my very bad english

Jose Reina


Time to come back to MXBikes! You made my day, love your RM TFC! Thank you and Asdrael!


Thank you very much for all the work!


Glad you guys are enjoying these :) Thanks for all the positive replies.


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