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August 14, 2022, 06:29:36 AM


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TFC Factory Tracks - Updated 07/08/2020 - High Point 2019 Release

Started by 𝖙𝖋𝖈, October 30, 2019, 10:01:25 PM

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Hi all,

Here you will find links for my tracks under the production name of TFC Factory Tracks. I will have a few series - AMA Replica Series, MXGP Replica Series, Local tracks and Fantasy tracks. I'm only going to add links here for tracks under the name TFC Factory Tracks as this will eventually include remakes of my old replicas.

Please note that I don't do this for money, but I do sink hours into these tracks for you, the community. If anyone wants to Buy Me a Beer to say thank you I would definitely appreciate it!

High Point 2019
High Point MX 2019! The brief story behind this one is that GDUBMX sent me a version made by a few people back in the day to see if I could clean it up. I noticed the scale was slightly out so double checked it but didn't realise just quite how far from 1:1 it was. I couldn't fix, so I decided to make it from scratch. The layout is 2019 as it's the latest I had to work from real footage.

This track features custom one off skydomes, specially made objects and for the first time a real location background (so the trees and hills you see around the map are from the real location).

Feedback welcome! The rollers can be singled, doubled, and there is even a triple in there somewhere. I've tried to be a bit more liberal with the checkpoints so it's not the end of the world if you go out a corner but you have to hit jump lines and rough sections for your lap to remain in tact. Thanks to GDUB for the initial reason I got to do this track (it's one I wanted to do originally anyway but didn't as one already existed), thanks to BEYER, Teeds and Ruben for testing. Enjoy!

Locked PKZ - Put PKZ directly in track folder!

TFC Factory Tracks High Point 2019 DOWNLOAD

Ironman 2018
I started this layout before the 2019 race but to be honest I much prefer this layout. Theme is race week, not race day (it's easier on graphics processing).
This is my first track with 3d trees and 3d dirt. The dirt can be disabled by turning off 3d grass if it's too much for online but the track should still look good.

This is also my first track with custom pit locations. Each pit has been painfully tested to ensure it works. Hopefully this gets easier to achieve when new track tools are released.

Massive thanks to GDUBMX for doing the cams for this track and providing feedback!

This might be a graphically demanding track but if I'm not pushing the envelope of quality then what's the point right? Hope you all enjoy!

TFC Factory Tracks Ironman 2018 DOWNLOAD

Mildenhall MX 2020
This track is pretty special to me as it's a track I've ridden in real life. I've only been there once, and I'm a really bad novice rider ;D but I can say for sure that since I've ridden there this is the closest replica I've ever made.

I rode Mildenhall at the end of last summer on my RMZ250, the same one as was used in one of the older OEM packs which I hung on to for obvious reasons and if I hit sections of this track in the same gears I did in real life, it's scary how accurate MX Bikes is with it.

Mildenhall is an awesome practice facility, rated one of the best tracks in the UK. It's mostly a sandy soil mix with some very soft deep sand spots - not easy to replicate in game but I've done my best.

I've chosen to go for an 8k normal map this time instead of the 3d soil. I think it looks more realistic being a sand track and not turned soil. I've also chosen to go for 2d trees - I love the 3d trees on Ironman but I also love performance! Still I think this track looks pretty good as is and doesn't really need to look visually any better.

Mildenhall is a couple of kilometres down the road from a busy RAF base, so keep an eye out for the aircraft!

Big thanks to Ruben for sorting me out an 8k aerial drone scan texture of WW ranch which I picked apart and used to make the normal map here. Think it was originally released by Hunter Root over on the MXS forum so big thanks to Hunter!

TFC Factory Tracks Mildenhall MX 2020 DOWNLOAD

Paleta Raceway 2020
Can't believe how long it's been since the original Paleta Raceway! Most of you will be familiar with V2, but V1 was one of my very first proper track releases. I remember playing it online with some long timers was amazing. So This version is more of a homage to the original.

I needed something to make to learn Blender 2.8 for use in my tutorial series so this seemed like a good idea. No pressure on a fantasy track. The layout is slightly more realistic than my last 2 versions, the jumps have options and aren't all huge booters but at the same time I still wanted it to be a fun track.

Bit of background. I love Pala but when I made V1 the thought of doing a replica was scary. I decided to do my own little version of Pala and since Pala means Shovel, I chose Paleta which means Trowel, or to me - tiny shovel. It has some similar features to Pala and the same kind of look, except I went for pure desert environment instead of the greener surroundings of Pala. Maybe one day Pala.

Thanks to GDUBMX for the cams, a job I nearly always overlook. Thanks to those of you who tested and provided some solid feedback, you know who you are, always appreciated. Enjoy!

Locked PKZ - Put PKZ directly in track folder!

TFC Factory Tracks Paleta Raceway 2020 DOWNLOAD


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So beautiful. Awesome track like always man, so far i would say this is the best you have done :) Such a good idea with that dirt clumps. 10/10 on yelp



I didn't lose the race, I ran out of laps.


Already said that and will not stop saying it:
What a masterpiece! This track brings it to a whole new level. So much detail and you really feel how many hours sinked into this creation while riding or just flying through the track in replay mode.


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thanks alot mate for giving me the chance to help out. :D
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October 31, 2019, 06:33:12 PM #8 Last Edit: November 01, 2019, 04:14:30 PM by Twitch135
Can't wait to rip this track. Been so busy with work haven't been playing.

Update: Played it last night. AMAZING WORK TFC
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Couldn't have done any better. Great work!


Nice one TFC...yet again....bloody well done :)



Amazing track thank you for your hard work! Favorite track yet!


Thank you for the efort you put into your tracks!! Cant wait to try.


This track is amazing! really appreciate the work!