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June 05, 2020, 12:02:31 PM


MX Bikes beta14d available! :)

Northern Pike Ridge!!!!

Started by tucko, April 21, 2020, 08:16:45 AM

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Northern Pike Ridge

Fun, fast track with some tricky places. Idea is a beat in track after a few motos. It has a detailed heat map for the deformation, so the more laps you put in the better the track gets, as the breaking bumps start to change lines and add some speed! I plan to drop 4-5 more tracks in the next few weeks. Some crazy like reflex, some more realistic and focused on ruts, berms and so on. I hope y'all have fun, lmk what you think!


LastFriday made a nice little edit check it out!

Big thanks to everyone for the help, for the assets and for everything! The more we share, the more everyone does!


iNsane | WW

great release, loving the roughness and the layout of the track. Good job, keep it going!

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nice! excited to burn some laps on it! thats a nice CRF too!


Just awesome, can't explain how much I appreciate the influx of new tracks of late.  Really helps give me and I'm sure other something to really look forward to these days.


Nice job on this one, it turned out real nice!


Best track in the game thus far, great job Tucko